New Tritech Engineering Enterprises website and ISO certification

After a long period of discussions TEE has started to upgrade its website. It has been much awaited however TEE has been transforming quite rapidly in the last few months and it was our wish to capture the matured TEE.

Much has happened in the last few months. Our client list has been growing as has been the satisfaction of our customers. To prepare for the future and to be able to accommodate for even larger projects, TEE has been quietly reforming its Project Management Process with the feedback from its customers. One thing was sure from the start, our process was to be entirely customer satisfaction driven and hence we do not believe it to be any end but instead a beginning for us here to adapt and grow with the needs of our customers.

A extremely good news is that TEE is not ISO 9001 certified. Once again showing that we are aligned towards our customers always.

URS-9001 LogoURS-9001 LogoURS-9001 Logo



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